A brilliant oval diamond

Perez Jewelers Custom Oval Anniversary Ring
This ring was such a joy to deliver. Celebrating milestones is a amazing thing and i was thrilled to help this couple celebrate 40 years of marriage! First we picked out a wonderful brilliant oval diamond. The client wanted a yellow gold ring with a oval and halo. She really enjoyed the look of leaf shapes with diamond bead set within. Next I drew a few designs to capture the needs of the client. I chose to have 4 “leaf” (marquis) shapes with diamonds to form the under gallery to represent the 40 years of marriage with a bezel set ruby for the traditional stone for a 40th anniversary. The diamonds set in the halo where matched to compliment the center stones color and fire. The shank has a groove that goes down its side help with weight and high polish. This ring came together really well and the client was very happy. I love seeing the smiles on my clients faces. This is why i do what i do.

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